Nightingales in Distress!

Hey you, yes YOU!!! If you are awake and ready, I would like to take you to a dazzling place! All shiny! All Glossy! Nightingales, they would aw you with their dancing, fluttering beautiful wings! Take all your stress away, as you would slink down your perverted thoughts!

You still there? That’s nice! May be i will take you a little deeper then! What you see all glossy, is their glimmer of hope that you will buy their body! All you find shiny is that tiny little speckle in their eyes, when they see you expecting them to come over and please you! What you see all dazzled is not the body of theirs that you crave for, it’s the beauty that your trifling brain could not see!! Yes, they may be the nightingales you were hoping for, but they are nightingales in deep distress!

Dancing as they should be, according to you, according to the society…they try to please you, but you won’t feel their pain, you will feel their persistence! Get laid, you will! But you won’t feel shit! The darkness that these nightingales hide behind all their glamour, all their fake smile, all their light, you won’t give a shit. Just pay, enjoy the dance, and get laid, that’s all you would do! You won’t discourage it, after all Sex is everything, no matter how! No matter when! No matter how stressed the hole you scored is!

And then you would grow up, asking your sons not to do it! Not to get indulged in all this shit! Oh…YOU BLOODY HYPOCRITE!

But don’t worry! I am not blaming you! I know Life is a Bitch! I know it fucks hard! I know you don’t have time to oppose this menace! And even if you did, i know you won’t give a fuck! Racing your car to catch the green light is more important to you! Getting that cute girl’s number is more important to you! Licking your Boss’s ass for a silly promotion is more important to you! And did i mention iPhone? I mean what on the earth is more important than a bloody iPhone!

Are you feeling guilty now? No you are not! You are thinking why didn’t i do something! You even think I am an asshole, who has no worth, and is wasting your time! But did you even think about, what i wrote? I am not saying I am anyone different! All I am saying together we can make a difference!


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